next generation

investment research

We help investors navigate uncertain markets by using data and technology to deliver rigorous analysis of long-term investment problems.


Our research seeks to exploit the most recent advances in financial economics, and connects factor returns to macroeconomic conditions. Our goal is to produce differential portfolio advice.

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Our technology platform gives investors access to our data analysis, portfolio analysis, and collective intelligence information.

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Our research shows investors how they can solve their investment problems based on underlying macro-sensitive factors.

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better strategic investment decisions

Our proprietary data and analytics platform provide investors with a unique macro scenario consistent perspective on long-term investment return and risk.

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customized macro sensitive investment solutions

Our models, data, and collective intelligence platform let investors design solutions to their desired long-term outcomes. Our building blocks are factors that respect differential appetites for macroeconomic risk, and express and manage those risks in terms of factor exposures.

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Collective Intelligence

Our collective intelligence platform helps investors gather wisdom of crowd expert opinion. Our models turn this crowdsourced opinion into plausible macro and market scenarios. We incorporate this information into our portfolio analytics and investor solutions.

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